Learning objectives

The professionals that this Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) programme proposes to train must be capable of operating in different built environment management fields, such as:

Maintenance design and organisation. In this field, professionals will be capable of operating on two elements:

Designing and organising integrated service management activities which can involve real estate management:

Designing and organising building management services aimed at guaranteeing maximum operational efficiency, preserving building performance characteristics over the medium-long term and maximising obtainable income:

Strategic real estate management aimed at its development:

In a nutshell, the fields identified can lead to two skill profiles: asset and property management and the technical-operational management of support services, respectively, for the activities carried out in the built environment, namely facility management.

Regarding the educational trajectory of the programme, students coming from different laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) programmes taken at the Politecnico’s other three schools take courses aimed at standardising their basic knowledge and developing basic building management know-how (first semester).

Subsequent semesters (second and third) analyse the fundamental knowledge fields of architecture and building engineering, architectural technology, building production, management engineering and the details of territorial, urban planning and economic aspects together with a basic knowledge of real estate management with especially important cultural history study. In addition, students are specifically trained in building maintenance organisation and management.

The last semester completes the knowledge acquired thus far through seminars and laboratory experience, both in internships that are a fundamental moment of contact with the world of work in professional, company and/or public administration fields, and also preparing a final thesis.